How was your experience with Rail Route?

It has been nearly a week since we released Rail Route on platform. While we are happy with the number of players that downloaded the game we are also curious what was their experience with it. Whether they enjoy their play time. We are releasing these development previews so we can get an early feedback and it should help us to create a game everybody will love to play.

If you have played Rail Route, tell us what was your experience with it, for example:

  • What did you like,
  • What would you change,
  • Was everything clear to understand,
  • What would you like to see in the game,
  • Anything other.

The best way to get in touch with us (me and Michal, devs) is to join our community Discord or you can send us en e-mail to Or just create a topic on the community board at the game page.

And if you haven't played the game yet, don't wait and jump in! Build your rail network, get your timetable stuff done, automate everything, profit and then tell us how it was.

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Hi, I've been messing around with this for a bit and I have... issues.

  • I have a really hard time with the interface, the text and buttons are very small on my monitor.
  • There's a lot of waiting around and I'm not quite sure why (Not "I don't understand" but "The game doesn't tell me". My trains keep disappearing into whatever those pause signs are meant to represent (Tool tips would be nice) and then I have to wait for an arbetrarily long time to get them back. I get if this is in the service of realism, but in that case I could use another level of fast forward. 
  • I'm not entirely sure how many trains I have. Could use a train list early on (I see there's a train button greyed out, but I feel like a train overview would be more useful to a first time player, and should maybe not be stuck behind an upgrade.
  • I've done it once, but I'm not sure how to unlock the contracts dialogue. A couple more tutorial boxes popping up in the corner to get me through the first bit of the game and let me know I'm not screwing up royally would be appreciated.

Wow, that's a lot of bad things, sorry. Most of that is keeping me from engaging with the game propper, so sorry I don't have more in-depth feedback. There's a couple things I really like:

  • I love the visual style of the map. It's very appropriate to the theme, almost like my computer is a diagetic control panel. The visuals are honestly why I tried this game to begin with.
  • The way you progress research by completeing trips is neat.
  • When I actually have more than one train on the board, navigating them around is very satisfying.

I am very excited for this project, It's a nice next step from like, Mini Metro, and I look forward to getting good at it and really letting myself get engrossed.

Oh, thank you for the detailed feedback! I think all the points make a great sense to me and we will definitely address them in the future releases.

Be sure to jump into our Discord ( to have the latest news or discuss the issues live with us and the community ;-).

Just to be sure, can you share with me the size of your monitor and the resolution you have?

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I have the same issue of the text and buttons being very small. I have a 1440x900 monitor, though I'm currently playing the game at 1280x800 resolution. My computer's screen is 13.3 inches diagonally.

Or just say it here! So many possibilities :-).