Demo version 0.12

New update to the demo version is now available! It's a pretty big update, mainly based on the feedback we gathered on the previous version. For the full list of changes, see the change log below.

New Maps

Beside a lot of updates and bug fixes, there are two new maps to play..

Washington DC

New endless maps that go well with the current Prague map. Washington is much smaller and the gameplay is more fast-paced.


Small timetable map for the absolute beginners. Simple traffic, just for introducing the timetable mode.

Notable Updates

There are a lot of changes in the System Upgrades tree. First one is the visual - better display of the unlocks:

There are new these new (or changed) unlocks:

  • Autoblock upgrade
  • Auto signal chain upgrade
  • Auto reverse option for stations
  • Platform and time modifications


Improved building menu with the possibility to instantly bulldoze things by right-click. You don't need to switch the tool anymore.

Beware of the change how the signals are controlled - signal green with left mouse button, signal red with right mouse button


NEW: Auto reverse option for stations. If unlocked and enabled, it reverses each train on dead-end platform once stopped.
NEW: Auto signal chain upgrade
NEW: Bulldoze with right-mouse button hint
NEW: Camera panning also with right mouse
NEW: Contract optimization unlock definition
NEW: Endless map Washington introduced
NEW: Experience points can be clicked to open System Upgrades
NEW: Focus camera on the station when double-clicked (eg in offered contracts)
NEW: FPS limit can be set in options. Default FPS limit is set to the refresh rate of the monitor
NEW: Hint 'How to get the points' on System Upgrades panel
NEW: Show max reward on active contract list
NEW: Show middle (mandatory) station in active contracts panel
NEW: Timetable map WakeField
NEW: Train Focus Button Unlock on the Overview
NEW: Trial train icon with hint on train detail panel
NEW: Up to text with hint on new contracts panel
UPDATE: `System Upgrades` and `Contracts` buttons swapped
UPDATE: Autoblocks having their own research
UPDATE: Autosave when Main menu is clicked
UPDATE: Avg. speed computation for trains, PaymentPerTrain renamed to PaymentPerTrainActual and preparation for contract optimization
UPDATE: Better display of researched items (coloring)
UPDATE: Better icon notification close
UPDATE: Better System Upgrades tree display (horizontal lines)
UPDATE: Bigger button for opening the action menu on the level select
UPDATE: Bottom panels hidden in the building mode
UPDATE: Building improved with additional hints (reverse signal, upgrade signal)
UPDATE: Bulldoze by right-click in build mode (when not bulldoze is selected)
UPDATE: Can't accept contract for stations that has not been bought
UPDATE: Coach yard price 50k -> 30k, arrival sensor 25k -> 15k
UPDATE: Columns in the Timetable Editor stretched over whole panel
UPDATE: Commuter contracts (border to border) does not need to return to origin station
UPDATE: Confirm each contract on prague map (temporarily)
UPDATE: Contract management unlock has been devided into two - platform and time modifications
UPDATE: Contracts red number badge shows only not shown contracts
UPDATE: Deletion of saves possible
UPDATE: Do not autosave when time is not running
UPDATE: Do not count one-off contracts to ContractBalances
UPDATE: Do not push single-cab trains even if DistanceMatrix directs so
UPDATE: Don't move camera onto station when sign on board double clicked
UPDATE: Expected average speeds for all contracts. Contract reward computation reworked.
UPDATE: Final score does not take time score
UPDATE: Holding 'Ctrl' while dispatching train from CoachYard dispatches it in reversed order (loco pushing the train)
UPDATE: Improved timeline mouse hover - train is highligted on the board
UPDATE: Limit of autosaves increased to 10
UPDATE: More money for IC trains
UPDATE: Music tracks are chosen more magically
UPDATE: On active contract list, these can be clicked: Next due (next train)  Origin, Mandatory and Desstination.
UPDATE: Open proper Unlock when it is not possible to buy autoblock / station
UPDATE: Penalties for delay halved
UPDATE: Penalty cap on 10min instead of 60min
UPDATE: Platform management Upgrade is not dependant on One-off IC unlock
UPDATE: Proper highlight selected contract in active contract list
UPDATE: Remove accordion from Build menu, move automation under control
UPDATE: Signals can be cleared only with right mouse button
UPDATE: Station Sensor can be built/remove via building menu
UPDATE: Track going to the coach yard can be removed
UPDATE: Track speed upgrade without requirement. Some unlock costs adjusted
FIX: Auto-accept won't spawn trains to different platforms
FIX: Avg. speed on new contracts were missing upon close/open
FIX: Better autoblock colliders
FIX: Better parsing of cutom map timetable (more error prune)
FIX: Building warning over elements
FIX: Buttons prevented scrolling to happen smoothly
FIX: Close all panels upon load/restart properly
FIX: Close menus on save
FIX: Disable wrapping of platform number text
FIX: Do not allow two trains spawned to one track even if game paused
FIX: Do not schedule one-off contacts, just prototype runs
FIX: Don't spawn trains with `Any` platform
FIX: Don't trigger station sensor after load
FIX: Don't use `Other To` automation rule for finished trains
FIX: Double Coach Yards for one station were possible
FIX: Double highlights in build errors
FIX: Fill expected avg speed also for old contracts
FIX: First two trains in the editor were not selectable
FIX: Fixed that it was possible to dispatch train from coach yard while the outlet was occupied by other train, leading to immediate crash.
FIX: Hide UI highlight upon restart
FIX: Inactive sinks prevented trains to leave the board
FIX: It was possible to lock in the tutorial2
FIX: Main menu buttons on dialogs without saving the game
FIX: Map deletion is triggering the map list refresh
FIX: Max speed conversion from old saves
FIX: Max width/height in the editor cap at 350
FIX: Negative contract reward
FIX: Platform was not saved properly when editor in the Editor
FIX: Properly centered bottom pannels
FIX: Reward for one-off contracts granted again
FIX: Show warning when trying to remove non-empty coach yard
FIX: Small time display in the Editor.unity
FIX: Time buttons hint fix
FIX: Timetable adjust `To` were with 2 minutes step
FIX: White buttons in build menu
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Version 0.12.2 Apr 07, 2021

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