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Just a few words about what happened today: we released 0.10.10 via the itch.io platform – most probably the last Rail Route alpha preview release. This small update marks the end of one era.

We went to itch.io in August 2019 with 0.6. I still remember how curiously we watched the download counts, the spike in gaming activity analytics, the first volunteer’s donations – and indeed the surge of newcomers to our Discord community.

Now – as you may already know – it is time to move on. So, you are invited to wishlist the game on our Steam page.

Future of Rail Route on itch.io

We indeed plan to launch the full version Rail Route on itch.io platform as well but we don't have a time plan for it yet. We don't know if we will able to support two platforms for the Early Access at the time so we can't promise it right now. Anyway, when the Early Access era will end, we can promise we will release the full version of Rail Route on itch.io as well as we genuinely love this platform.


railroute-win-demo.zip 133 MB
Version 0.10.10 Dec 04, 2020
railroute-mac-demo.zip 133 MB
Version 0.10.10 Dec 04, 2020
railroute-linux-demo.zip 136 MB
Version 0.10.10 Dec 04, 2020

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