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We are approaching another milestone for the Rail Route! We really like the communities that evolve around the good games and we want to support that also for our train dispatcher simulator as much as possible! That’s why we are running our community Discord server you can join. But yeah, that’s not enough. So, the very first thing we would like to introduce that can boost our community experience is a level editor. It is included in the new update of the alpha preview of Rail Route on platform.

The Map Editor

If you are already bored with our predefined map in the campaign mode or if you hate our Prague station names or there’s just something else – do not hesitate and create a new map! With the editor we allow the players to create fully custom board with everything that comes with it. Create a schematic of your hometown railroads, your imaginary railroad network or even create a London tube map using it! The rectangles you see moving can be modern or historic trains, the underground trains, trams, monorails, just whatever you imagine.


The editor is only a small portion of the version 0.7. See a changelog for the details:

Version 0.7

- Basic Contract Mgmt: research item for platform change and arrival/departure shifting 
- Drag map by middle mouse button 
- Editor - station sign can be placed / removed 
- Level from the editor can be loaded and played as a New Game 
- Place / remove walls in the editor by keeping the mouse button pressed 
- Players can include last save game and contact e-mail through 'Submit feedback' feature. 
- Second music track - Lower Locus 
- Simple level editor 
- Stations and platforms can be edited in the Level Editor 
- Possibility to build & remove auto blocks in the editor
- Subtle hover sound for selected buttons as well as game elements 
- Reverse when Stopped & Stop to Reverse research items + implementation

- AutoSave reenabled, do not autosave in other modes than Routing. Do not close panels during auto save.
- Better mouse highlight of the automation entry items
- Complete contract control research when starting all custom maps
- Max number of stations increased to 11. Check in the editor
- Extra padding enabled globally 
- Key 'ESC' closes building / buying mode as well. Pause menu implemented in editor 
- Music format changed from WAV to OGG to decrease the memory footprint 
- Show a grid when in building mode 
- Reworked the start of the campaign

- Arrival > departure happened under certain circumstances 
- AutoBlock's speed upgrades are being saved 
- Bulldozing of track could lead to a non-removable signal after save/load
- Collider for highlighted tracks should be above signals 
- Contract trains were +1 minute beyond prototype 
- Don't move the board when input field is focused 
- Issue when saving a game with an invalid automation entry (eg. track that has been removed) 
- Negative values were generated but do not make sense for contracts 
- Removal of track around switches could prevent building there later
- Sometimes, tracks were not activated after load 
- Time tickers disappeared after first midnight 
- Hotkeys were triggered while typing into input field
- Loading broke contracts when two with the same ReportingNumber existed. no two contract can have the same ReportingNumber, even if different time + contract id display in game
- Placing two sinks beside
- Track ends are saved / loaded properly

And many other not mentioned changes...

What to Expect Next?

We would like to further improve the editor and come up with the custom time tables for the levels. We are also working on the puzzle levels which will be the main content of the next update. We will write about them later.

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Version 0.7.5 Oct 01, 2019

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