Rail Route 0.6 Now Available On itch.io

As of today we decided to release the feature alpha updates of Rail Route on the itch.io platform. Go and grab the latest alpha preview of our game - a rail network simulator.

Rail Route is a rail network management and operations simulation game. You negotiate contracts, build railroads, set up routes for trains and control the traffic. Unlock features to your dispatcher interface, upgrade railway network elements and research new technologies that allow you to automate the operations!

Right now, you can play the campaign mode where you start at the very edge of the Prague railways. Work up your way and master the operations of the full board!

What Can You Expect Next?

The game is in an active development. We would like to release regular alpha updates before we hit the beta phase. Right now we are working on the following updates:

Level Editor

We decided that we want come up with the tool that allows you to create your own railroad scheme. Whether you are tired of our Prague rail scheme or just want to create a challenging level for the others. With the editor itself we would like to dust off the first level that was included in the very first version of Rail Route and come up with more levels like that. These levels should be score based so you can challenge yourself to have the highest score possible!

Advance Scheduling

We would also like to introduce some advanced scheduling mechanics that allows you have even more fine control over your timetables. Adjust the arrival and departure times as well as to define your own contracts.

Feedback & Community

If you want to give us a feedback and have a talk with the devs, don't forget to join our Discord community server. You can also check you the project home page for more info.

But mainly, stay tuned for the future updates!


railroute-win-demo.zip 133 MB
Version 0.6.0 Aug 12, 2019
railroute-mac-demo.zip 133 MB
Version 0.6.0 Aug 12, 2019
railroute-linux-demo.zip 136 MB
Version 0.6.0 Aug 12, 2019

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